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You want my help planning a coup?
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wilson_foreman is a community for fans or just casual supporters of the concept of James Wilson and Eric Foreman as a couple. Posts can include anything so long as it is centred around this one base concept

1. Posts must stay on topic. Comment threads have a tendancy to wander, and that's fine, but all posts need to be on topic.
2. Please use lj-cuts for images and large amounts of text. Thumbnails without a cut are fine, as are teasers for icon posts.
3. Spoilers for new episodes should be lj-cut.
4. Try to play nice. I know that sometimes conversations can get a bit heated. If things go too far, you'll get a warning. If things continue after that, I'll just have to make it up as I go.

Also, please note that the following format should be used when posting fanfiction or fanart.

Title: (if applicable)
Rating: (Please include any warnings here as well)
Summary: (if desired)
Author's notes: (if applicable)

Hopefully the rules aren't too strict. If you need to contact me you can either comment here or email me (favyan at gmail dot com).